It's The Little Things That Make Life Big!

by Assumpta Davis

Let me ask you a question…. Do you focus on the negatives in your life? Or do you focus on the Joys in your life?

For me this is something I struggled with, there would be so much positive and joy happening in my life but when something negative would pop up, I found myself dwelling on that tiny negative thing that was happening. Its so easy to forget all the little joys that happen in your life throughout the year.

It's easier to focus on that small negative energy that’s happening in that moment, so what I decided to do was to start a Joy Jar.

Little Joys in a Jar

Joy Jar

What is a Joy Jar, its exactly what it sounds like... it’s a JOY JAR 😉 filled with happy moments that happened to you and your family throughout the year.

Every year, we jot down details of our family time and special moments and experiences such as time spent talking and sharing stories over hot cocoa, a date night with my husband or something even as simple as my daughters scoring a goal at their soccer games.

It was amazing to me how writing down the joys in that day helped me forge a habit of being on the lookout for the good in each moment. 

Even when I didn't have time to write something on one of the slips of paper, I began to sort each day's good from the not so good. As I made a conscious effort to focus on the small things I'd previously taken for granted, I began to find abundant joy! The laughter, hugs, and smiles we shared as a family were made all the sweeter. Even when times were downright miserable, challenging, or heartbreaking, in consciously looking for something— anything—joyous, I miraculously found it. 

Making a Joy Jar is a wonderful way to remember the wonder and happiness of all that's good in the world. All you need is a jar with a lid.

A Mason jar works just fine. I painted the Jar with bright yellow paint and painted flowers on it with the word JOY, easy peasy.

You can make Joy Jars as a family, have your kids make and decorate them for friends or neighbors, or make and keep one to savor for yourself. Write down your joys, either as a family or individually.

At the end of year or the beginning of the new year, my family and I would open the jar and read all the joys that the year brought into our lives. We celebrated what brought us joy over a hearty big breakfast, we reflect on the year that passed and reading through them provided us the boost we need to start of the new year on the right foot.

What are you waiting for??? Go create your own joy jar today! You wont regret it 😉

“The little things? The little moments? They aren't little.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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