Keep Calm Cause It's March Break

by Assumpta Davis
Keep Calm Cause It's March Break

Ohhhhhhh March, the month that catches the last glimpse of winter and welcomes the first glimpse of spring.

It’s a month that lifts your spirits, you start to see people coming out of hibernation and slowly pulling out there spring attire out of the closet.

March is also a month of change, the snow is slowly melting away, the days get longer and we seem to be happier and have that little bounce back in our step.

I find I have so much more energy which couldn’t come at a better time since I will be needing all the energy for the week that’s coming up!!! YASSSSSSS Mama’s you all know which week I am talking about!!!

Spring Break is right around the corner…School is out for 1 week….let that sink in for a second or two..

As a huge rush of anxiety passes through you, take a deep breath, keep clam and we will make it through spring break together.

If your sending your kiddos to camp then here’s a high five to you, but if your like me and wait last minute to plan anything or can’t make up your mind on which camp to send them to well I hope this blog helps you out.

Coming up with ideas to keep my kiddos entertained for a week can sometimes be difficult but don’t you worry Mommies-I got your back!

Here are my top ten favorite spots to visit in our beautiful city during spring break.

10.Check out Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm

If you have never visited a Sugarbush before this is the perfect time to do it. They have sleigh rides and a sugar shack, you can watch how syrup is created from the trees sap and get to taste the maple syrup…I mean c’mon wo doesn’t like maple syrup eh?!?!

Maple Syrup on a stick

9.Check out the Canada Science and Technology Museum

There are so may new exhibits and the museum is free every day between the hours of 4pm to 5 pm, the crazy kitchen is always a great time and my two little girls love it every time.

Canadian Science and Technology Museum

8.Take a Stroll in The Glebe

The Glebe is such a beautiful part of our city. Its probably my favorite part of the city. Take a stroll around and check out the cute little shops that sell unique bits and bobs all day.  You guys already know how much I love to support local shops 😉

7. Take a tour of the Parliaments

I love taking my little explorers for a tour of our city, and what better tour then the Parliament buildings, the architecture is so beautiful and it’s a good opportunity to educate our little ones about the history of Ottawa.


6. Take them to your local Library

Take the kids to the library, let them explore all the books and let their imaginations go wild!

5. Movies, Movies, Movies

So many movies, so little time! My girls love going to the movies, I get the passes at Costco for a cheaper price, they get their ticket a popcorn and drink for 11.99, you can never go wrong with that.

4. Lansdowne’s Farmers Market

Every Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm you can make your way to Lansdowne’s Farmers Market for a fun filled day.

There is always a large selection of fresh food and trinkets from local business owners and farmers showcasing all their hard work and there is even free horse drawn carriage rides! My kids will usually get some apple cider and rush over to the yummy bake goods to pick out a treat. It’s a visit that won’t disappoint.

Lansdowne Farmers Market

3. Two words: Fun-Haven

They have escape rooms, a roller coaster, laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars (my fave) and there is no end to the fun at Fun -Haven.

Need I say more???

Check out Groupon for deals.

Funhaven logo

2. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Check out the insane number of unique planes, some exhibits include Life in Orbit: The international Space Station, The Legacy of the Canadarm, and Air Canada. Admission is free everyday between 4pm to 5pm. My girls always have a great time exploring this museum, so much to see and so much to do.

1. Major Hill Park

Be one with mother nature, take the kids to major hill park, let them burn off some of that energy, take in all the beautiful sights, breathe in all that fresh air and be thankful to mother nature that winter will hopefully soon be behind us?!?

One last tip for my museum goers! If you can, purchase an Ingenium Museum membership. It gives you unlimited admission to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum which always comes in handy on a rainy day. And with their reciprocal agreement with over 360 museums worldwide, you can really take advantage of some unique experiences.  My family purchased one and were able to use the reciprocal agreement to get free admission to the Montreal Science Centre and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York city, which is a must-see if you are in New York.

That’s it folks, I hope some of these ideas put your mind at ease when planning out your spring break with your family. Just remember to take the time to make those special memories with your little ones because soon enough they won’t be so little anymore.

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy March break. Hopefully with these activities you can stop your kids from hitting the ceiling!

The girls on the ceiling


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