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The Vanity Club Subscription Box

So ladies and probably guys too, you know what I am talking about...during this pandemic...I totally neglected my hair!! 😧 Once things opened up a bit I wanted to do something new and bold and go lighter, but not too light. I found this great local stylist close to my home, so I booked it! Courtney Noel, the stylist pampering my hair, got to talking and she told me about a new business adventure she has started with her business partner, Erica Andrews. With a last name Noel🎅...it's Christmas time, I had to write about these two! They started up The Vanity Club. It is a subscription-based business for both men and women. Every four months you will receive a box of premium products that have been selected for that season. Like cozy slippers for a cold winter night. ❄⛄

Q: Why did you want to start a new business adventure?

Erica and I started a new business adventure because we are both entrepreneurs already, myself being a stylist and Erica being an interior designer. We wanted to do something creative together and support local businesses around us.

The Vanity Club Subscription Box

Q: Do you have any tips on running a side hustle while still trying to balance regular work and life during this trying time?

Set realistic goals and have time management. Our mission is to connect with our customers and other local businesses to bring us all together.

Instead of us investing our money into things non-Canadian especially during COVID times, it's nice to see people spending money locally.

The Vanity Club Subscription Box

Q: Any final words of encouragement for women who want to start their own business adventure?

Just go for it! You'll never know if you don't try 😉

Erica and Courtney of The Vanity Club

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