Tips to Surviving the Holidays

by Assumpta Davis

Surviving the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, there’s no denying it gets a little chaotic during the holiday season, jumping to one holiday party to the next, trying to keep your figure in check and not eating everything in sight, trying to stay on budget and buying the perfect gift for all the people on your nice list this year; to making sure you make it to your kids Christmas show. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Don’t fret my friends, for I have put together this handy list of tips, 10 tips to be exact to get you through the holidays like a champ!

TIP 1: Shop Online

Avoid the crowds and the madness and chaos that a shopping mall can create instead-get your shopping done online…Come and shop our collections to get all your shopping done in a jiffy.

TIP 2: Be A Gangsta Wrapper

I don’t know about you but usually I am a last minute, night before Christmas wrapper, this can be stressful and so time consuming, lets be honest the last thing you want to be doing on the night of Christmas eve is to be wrapping what seems to be a never-ending pile of gifts. This Year try wrapping them as you buy them, it’ll keep you from the last-minute wrapping stress! Be that Gangsta Wrapper we all know that you can be.

TIP 3: RSVP with a NO

Holiday parties can seem never ending from work parties to friend parties to family/extended family parties, the invites keep rolling in, Just remember its okay to RSVP with a big fat N-O. You don’t have to make an appearance to every single holiday party you are invited to. If you have different groups of friends, maybe this year, you throw the party and let your friend “worlds” collide and everyone can mingle and jingle together.

TIP 4: Eat Well and stay Hydrated

Take a break from all the sugar cookies, candy canes and hot cocoa and keep your body energized with some healthy choices, stock up on your veggies and make sure to hydrate so you don’t get run down or even worse, catch a cold. The last thing you want is a date with a bottle of NyQuil during the holidays.

TIP 5: Take A Breather

The Holidays can be stressful, make sure you take some time for yourself, indulge in some self pampering, get that massage, hop in that bubble bath with a glass of champs or my ultimate fave is to squeeze in a little nap time because with everything your doing this holiday season, you totally deserve it!

Spa bath

TIP 6: Find Meaning in the Season

Find or reconnect to a purpose, meaning or value during this holiday season. The holiday season is always a joyous time for me and my family, but I know there are plenty of families out there that are less fortunate who need our help, so this year try giving something to someone else, donate to a toy drive in your area, do some volunteer work or do something thoughtful for someone.

TIP 7: Be in the Moment

Let go of the party planning, mental list making and worrying. Put your mind in the present and focus on what’s important and that’s being present and being in the moment and creating those special memories with your loved ones. Unplug from all social media platforms instead find those moments to make connections with the people in front of you.

TIP 8: Get out of that Funk

For some people, the holidays can bring up sadness and regrets, if you are feeling the blues and feeling stuck in a funk, Get up and take charge of your emotions and change your mood by engaging in activities that will put a smile on your face, it can be as simple as curling up by the fireplace and reading a book or maybe, invite your girlfriends over and binge on some Holiday Hallmark movies together.

TIP 9: Don’t skip your Workouts

This is usually the time we come up with any excuse not to work out. The holidays can be busy for everyone but its important to stay committed to your work out plan. Keeping your body moving is a great way to encourage yourself to make healthier choices and fuel your body with the right energy to get you throughout the day.

TIP 10: Embrace the Chaos-We don't have to be Perfect

No one is perfect and you're no exception -harsh- I know, but I had to say it!!! This holiday season let go of all the pressures to host the perfect dinner to have the perfect decor, to wear the perfect outfit or to capture the perfect family photo (I’m guilty of doing this)....STOP trying to be perfect, who cares that the table cloth doesn’t match the napkins or the roast beef is a little dry ….none of this matters, the only thing that matters, is that you're present for every moment and you soak it all up and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones because this is what Christmas is all about.

Family photo

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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