The Essentials for a Great Reading Nook

by Assumpta Davis


With the onset of winter we will all be spending a lot more time indoors and if you are a book lover like me, you know there is no better time then these cold winters months to curl up and read a great book or even start journaling.

Reading and writing is extremely therapeutic and great exercise for the mind and soul. So it is important that you have that comfortable area in your home where you can escape for a few hours. But what are the essentials to a great reading nook?

Let There Be Light

Cat on a couch

It is extremely important that your reading and writing areas have the proper lighting. Without proper lighting you can cause yourself short term effects like eye strain and headaches. Now that doesn't sound very enjoyable does it?

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that you have proper task lighting setup for your reading and writing activities to avoid tiring out your eyes.

Location, Location, Location

That quote doesn't just apply to real estate. But really, any small space can be used as a reading nook. Any corner of your living or bedroom, an alcove in your hallway, or an unused area next to a window; as long as you are comfortable and can get some privacy.

Speaking of Comfort...

Your seating will be determined by your space. I personally like an over-sized chair I can put my feet up in. But really, anything will do, from a bed to a couch, as long as it is inviting and comfortable.


You want to keep your nook relaxed, so don't over decorate. I like having a nice house plant near by to give off some good oxygen which will help you relax. I also like to have a calming scent in my reading areas. If you are reading before bed, lavender is a great scent to have as it can help relax your body and mind and ease you into sleep. Or how about the scent of cinnamon or pine to give your brain a boost or lower your stress levels. 

I hope that helps you with your reading nooks. Please shop the website for some great books and scented candles. I tried to get my husband to design a new reading nook, but he was happy with his old one...

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