The Power of Scent

by Assumpta Davis

Scents That Can Have a Positive Affect on Your Health and Happiness

A smell can be more than just a fragrance. Certain smells, like a fresh baked apple pie, might take you back to a special time at Grandma's house. Why do certain smells trigger nostalgia and memories in us? It's not just coincidence, there is actually a science behind it.

Our sense of smell or olfactory system, is directly linked to the part of the brain that affects our emotions. That's why certain smells can cause a rush of emotions or bring us back to certain time in our lives. 

Certain scents can also do some fantastic things for our body and our mind. Headache relief, stress relief and mind sharpening are just a few of the positive benefits certain aromas can have.

Below I have complied a list of some of my favourite scents and the affects they can have on your body and mind.

Get a good-nights sleep with the scent of Lavender

Lavender flowers in a vase

Lavender can help relax your body and mind and ease you into sleep. Next time you are having a hard time falling asleep, burn some lavender and put your head down on a pillow and close those tired eyes.

Keep a sharp mind with the smell of Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks and powder

Everybody loves the sweet smell of cinnamon. Research shows that the sweet smell can also give your brain power a major boost. The scent gives your visual-motor response a boost and helps your working memory and attention span. Sounds like the perfect scent to burn while reading one of your favourite books!

Clear that stress away with the scent of Pine

Pine cones

The scent of pine you smell around the holidays brings us that Christmas cheer. Well, research shows that the smell can also help alleviate and significantly lower stress and depression levels!

A pristine lawn can bring you lots of joy

Father and daughter sitting in grass

Honestly, when I see my husband mowing the lawn and see that nice fresh cut grass I always get this feeling of joy. He also always has a big smile on his face while cutting, well now I know the reason. Researchers found that a chemical released by a newly-mowed lawn can make you feel joyful and relaxed. Here I thought the smile on his face was from the beers!

Get energized with Citrus

Bundle of oranges

Need a little energy boost but already had your coffee for the day; take a whiff of scents like orange and lemon. These citrus smells can help boost energy and alertness.

In the mood for Vanilla

Vanilla bean candle

Vanilla is one of my favourite smells. Studies show that the smell of vanilla bean can elevate your feelings of joy and relaxation,  significantly enhancing your mood. More reasons to buy that vanilla bean ice-cream and indulge a little.

The wonders of Peppermint

Peppermint leaves

Peppermint is great for the breath and when you have that stuffy nose but research shows that the smell of peppermint can also invigorate the mind and improve cognitive stamina and concentration.

Jasmine, not just a pretty flower

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine is a serious mood enhancer. Studies show that the smell of jasmine creates a sense of alertness and can help with depressive thoughts. 

An Apple a day...

Freshly baked apple pie and apples on a table

Have a headache or migraine? Research shows that the scent of an apple may actually help ease a migraine. Another study showed that people who found the scent appealing had a noticeable reduction in headache symptoms and shortened migraine episodes. Furthermore, the scent of green apple may help control feelings of anxiety during stressful times.

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