Yoga 365
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Daily Wisdom for Life, On and Off the Mat

Yoga 365 presents a year's worth of daily readings that invite yoga lovers of every skill level to bring the inspiration they experience on their mats into their everyday lives. Each entry explores a mind-body theme such as balance, strength, and resilience in a short, illuminating paragraph that can be enjoyed in the morning or at bedtime, incorporated into a yoga session, or read on the go. Featuring a serenely beautiful hardcover and a spacious, color-washed interior, the package isas calming in the hand as the readings are to the eye. Yogis will find it to be a motivating tool for personal growth and a lighthearted, gift-worthy way to share the joys of their practice with others.

Susanna Harwood Rubin is a yoga teacher, writer and artist, whose work is rooted in South Indian Philosophy. She is a frequent contributor to numerous publications, including The Huffington Post, Mantra Yoga+Health, YOGANONYMOUS, and Elephant Journal. Susanna teaches weekly classes in New York City, and leads workshops and teacher training programs throughout the US and Western Europe. Susanna frequently speaks on yoga, meditation, and Hindu myth, appearing as a regular commentator on HuffPostLive. In 2011, Susanna created Writing Your Practice, a series of workshops and online courses that apply yoga philosophy, myth, and self-expression to the practice of writing. Hundreds of students from over 20 countries have participated. Previously Susanna worked at NYC's Museum of Modern Art where she lectured and wrote, including co-writing the book Looking at Matisse and Picasso (2003). Learn more about her at
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