Bundle Bits Spotlight

Additional information and amazing stories behind some of the brands you will find in our Book Bundles!

The Bath Bomb Co.

Bath Bombs on display

The Bath Bomb Co. are passionate for natural, fresh, fun and fabulous bath bombs. 

Each bath bomb has been handmade in small batches with fresh, fun and fabulous ingredients. Small batches are important because that allows them to make sure each bath bomb is perfect in quality and appearance. They are passionate about fresh, natural and safe for use bath bombs for the whole family. Each bath bomb weighs between 200 and 220g (approx 8oz) - roughly 2.75" in diameter or slightly larger! Our bath bombs are handmade with love in Manitoba, Canada. They test on family members and friends ... never on animals.


Each bath bomb and fizzie is made from food grade Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid and do not contain any aluminum sulfate. All ingredients are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, 100% Animal Friendly and safe for the whole family. The 100% Natural Bath Bombs have been formulated with locally sourced, 100% Natural Essential Oils and Mica's or Ultramarine's for colouring and use locally sourced distilled water as a wetting agentYou can find The Bath Bomb Co. bath bombs, fizzies and shower steamers exclusively in our Book Bundles!